Opening Up Opportunity
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Silicon Valley will be forever associated with its incredible contributions in technology, science, and medicine, while creating wide economic prosperity and massive wealth for those involved. Yet for many in our community, even those right next door, huge barriers remain in accessing that opportunity.

Our Initiative

Team Tarlton’s community is found not only in our family of Tarlton property tenants and surrounding businesses, but in our fellow residents and citizens; the individuals and families living and working next door. We must stand together with our neighbors and open up the opportunity to take part in the local life sciences and technology economy as a path to see revitalization for all of the residents who make up our communities.

As a resident and active corporate citizen in the Menlo Park community, we partner with the local schools and nonprofits to inspire the next generation of scientists and our future colleagues in the life sciences community. By activating and offering resources for partners in the social sector our hope is that we will have the chance to create a more equal playing field for all citizens who call the Bay Area home.


School of Motion

Team Tarlton believes in the importance of investing in the next generation, the talent of tomorrow. Knowing that advocating for our youth, for our schools to both the local government and in the community, offering our real estate and building expertise to school administrators and educators, as well as providing programming and opportunity for our young people to get involved through community events, internships will help the next generation to be excited about careers in technology and the sciences.

Bridges of Opportunity

We see a great opportunity to match and mobilize our wide network of companies who make up the family of Team Tarlton with the citizens and next generations around us. We are crafting a multi-faceted initiative that connects our stakeholders to great local talent, potentially shifting the trajectory for our entire community.