Impact Through Biking
Every day, millions of cars drive up and down Highway 101 and Highway 280 as people commute to work in Silicon Valley and beyond. The impact of this traffic and vehicle emissions is wide-ranging—damaging our environment, reducing individual health and wellness, lowering quality of life, and limiting economic potential.

Our Initiative

Team Tarlton seeks to respond to these immense and complex challenges by encouraging our communities to simply... bike. Whether cycling to work, using biking as a path to fitness, or connecting in the community by hopping on a bicycle, we hope to see everyone in our community on a bike one day.

Every individual that commits to bike to work, whether they live near or far from their office, becomes a driver of change—Their own health, wellbeing, and productivity will drastically improve; traffic will be reduced, producing a ripple effect on our net carbon footprint; and local neighborhoods will be connected in new and exciting ways.


For The Love of Biking

Team Tarlton is dedicated to contributing to and creating a culture of bike riding in the Bay Area community and beyond, by first and foremost leading by example, but also by educating and encouraging riding, incentivizing activity, offering access to bikes, training riders, and partnering with our peer companies and the broader community to increase overall adoption.

Pathway to Greater Bicycling

Team Tarlton will lead the way to creating a community that prioritizes bicycling by advocating for more bike paths and safer routes to improve commuting and recreation.

By increasing access to bicycling and making it a safer experience for all riders, the opportunity for enhanced health and wellness and a cleaner environment will allow us to live the world we envision.