Advancing Cancer Research


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Cancer is one of the most complex and multifaceted medical challenges of our day. To effectively resist this disease and improve long-term survival rates, a comprehensive and integrated approach is required.

Our Initiative

Like so many others, we have personally felt the impact of cancer in the Tarlton family, yet we have also experienced firsthand the unmatched impact of the Stanford Cancer Institute (SCI).

Team Tarlton believes SCI is the best institution on the planet to respond to this wide-ranging challenge because of its interdisciplinary approach, bringing the brightest minds and the greatest resources together from the fields of research, medicine, tech, and business.

As a neighbor in SCI’s community in Silicon Valley, Team Tarlton is dedicated to funding and activating new monies to support new research and programs at SCI to increase the rate of discovery and applied medicine. Our primary vehicle for raising these funds is through the power of the bicycle. We race, host events, and invite Tarlton’s broad community of stakeholders to actively participate in the effort to resist cancer.

100% of the funds raised by Team Tarlton goes directly to SCI, spinning up new discoveries and individual cancer care.


Tarlton is Riding RAAM!

This is one of the toughest endurance events in the world.
Our board of directors chair and president, John Tarlton, will cycle across the United States in under 12 days (250+ miles per day).


It’s Time To Race

Team Tarlton’s fundraising for our philanthropic efforts originally started with bike races, and these races remain core to our efforts today. Led by the Tarlton Properties executives’ active participation in bike races to raise funds for SCI, Team Tarlton actively encourages, equips, and trains the Tarlton community to race to support cancer, at every rider level and through other athletic events.

Raising The Bar

Team Tarlton is committed to raising significant funds for SCI through the greater Tarlton community by hosting world-renowned speakers, events, facilitating micro-donations from a wide range of individuals as well as major donors, and forging key relationships with other organizations committed to supporting cancer in their own personal endeavors or corporate philanthropic efforts.