Our Purpose
We create sustainable flywheels of change — collectively as one team — to positively impact health and wellness, and create opportunities for our entire community.
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Our whole community (through our network of companies, investors, vendors, partners, neighbors, and citizens) moves forward collaboratively in activating and realizing astounding results through the flywheels of change.

Biking as a main mode of transport, to work and for enjoyment is commonplace in Silicon Valley, leading to increased health, wellness, and productivity, less environmental impact, and more connected and relational communities.

Through new multidisciplinary research and innovation at Stanford Cancer Institute (SCI), all cancers have become curable or manageable diseases for both patients and their loved ones.

Students from our neighborhood schools, particularly the community immediately surrounding us, Belle Haven, are effectively equipped and engaged in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) and trade curriculums, inspired by mentors and activated through internships from our network of life science companies, leading to fruitful, lifelong careers.



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Family Ties

Tarlton looks at the whole community (Employees, Companies, Investors, Vendors, Partners, Citizens, and Neighbors) as an extension of our family and are committed to the overall success of each individual.
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Sustainable Investment

We invest in the community with the belief that our efforts will ultimately pay great dividends in our commitment to creating a sustainable and more just world for all.
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Because education is in the Tarlton DNA, learning is at the heart of everything we do.
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The Long View

As real estate developers and investors, Team Tarlton will always have a multi-generational mindset when we think about desired outcomes.
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Front Runner

As leaders in our community, it is our calling to stand at the forefront of social impact for the common good resulting in positive change for all.

Our Board of Directors


John Tarlton

Elizabeth Krietemeyer

Ron Krietemeyer

Dipti Pratt


Our Community

Team Tarlton and Tarlton Properties are located in Menlo Park, home to some of Silicon Valley’s most exciting businesses and organizations. We are privileged to partner with our neighbor, Stanford Cancer Institute, and our wonderful tenants to make a difference in the communities where we work and live. We are excited and proud to stand with our neighbors next door and down the street, and our schools, especially Belle Haven Elementary.